Famous February Birthdays: Stars Born in February

There are a lot of famous born in this month, celebrities from now and from the past, celebrities that are among us and celebrities that are not in this world. February is full of celebrity’s birthday, so if you are looking for an excuse to celebrate something, you could honor them all together. In this article, you will discover the most famous february birthdays.

Among the celebs born in February, we can name the pop singer Harry Styles, the TV ACTRESS Paris Smith, the MMA fighter, Ronda Rousey, the reality star Lauren Conrad, the Soccer Player Cristiano Ronaldo, the Soccer Player Neymar, the Raggae singer Bob Marley, the TV actor Charlie Heaton, the Punk Singer Dan Lambton, the movie actress Chloe Moretz, the movie actor Taylor Lautner, the former US president Abraham Lincoln, the movie actress Christina Ricci, the Basketball player Bill Russell, the pop singer Rihanna, the rock singer Curt Kobain, among others.

Yes, there are even more celebrity’s birthday, there are hundreds of celebs born every day on Februar but here you have, plenty of excuses to celebrate on February, alone or accompanied, going out or at home, celebrate them all. And do not worry, there be plenty of reason to celebrate every day on March too.